Coffee that kicks the mule

Coffee has so many forms, so many tastes. How you like your coffee is a matter of personal taste and choice. But you can’t get away from the daily joy of starting the day with the first brew, and even during the day your brew plus cake or biscuits. You may prefer mocha, or americano with hot or cold milk, or a straightforward flat white.


Everyone knows the cappuccino, this is the coffee tapas, made up of three layers, espresso shot, steamed milk, then frothed milk. Chocolate powder or shavings top it off, ideal for a breakfast drink

Café latte (or café au lait)

A popular option that has over the years become slightly corrupted to be nothing more than a flat white, a delightful brew in its own right. Café latte should have a single shot of coffee, with piping hot milk in my view floated on the espresso and the milk becomes a filter for the coffee. Delightful!

Flat White

Originating with the long black in New Zealand and Australia, the flat white works through steaming the milk from the bottom of the jug, making a crème rather than a froth, then simply flow over a shot of espresso. Ideal mid-morning brew, again with an almond biscotti simply the best.

Long Black

Two shots of espresso are the starts of this little darling. Simply pour into a cup of hot water. There should be more of a crema (creamy foam) than an americano. The wonders of food science. This is the reverse of an americano. Hm real waker upper!

Macchiato (also known as a piccolo latte)

Guess what? Start with a shot of espresso and then to off with foamed milk. Don’t scald the milk or will separate. Stronger than a cappuccino, as no steamed milk. Smaller stronger and served in an espresso cup.


‘Mocha’ to the masses, is a latte with added chocolate powder or syrup, sometimes and with a touch of western decadence, topped with whipped cream. A delightful marriage of hot chocolate and café latte.


Espresso is the pure origin of all our variations, the skill in a great espresso is to blast high pressure boiling water through finely ground beans, into the classically small espresso mug. Classic example of small is to be savoured.

Caffè americano

This coffee brew was supposedly created by the Gi’s during the second world war, to simply make their coffee go further, more hot water was added. The coffee was a strong roast espresso. Now the chosen drink of many, some prefer hot while some prefer cold milk.


A Vienna has at its core 2 shots of strong espresso, and then adding whipped cream. Resulting in a merging of strong espresso and smooth sugary cream