Customer Service

When we deliver your coffee, we will provide coffee profile leaflets that can be passed to your customer’s. We will provide in coffee friendly promo items such as window stickers. We will also every five weeks provide at our roastery on site training for your new Baristas, at rock bottom prices.(Subject to Cova 19 restrictions of course) We want our friends to share our coffee passion all the way to the person that that sits in your coffee shop, drinks our coffee made with passion, brewed by your teams, and actually say when they leave 'Hmm great coffee, great cafe, I will be back’

We will even collect your grouts and return them to the ground, our home at Rowe Hill will use them as a great source of Nitrogen. We will deliver to you, not only the prized bean, but a whole way of supporting you and hopefully make your business and our business grow. This is a business, and like your business it’s a way of life! Contact Us and we will pass onto Cherry who will come and see you, and you could even come to our roastery and experience the creation of your roast.