Supplier Support Policy

Wimborne Coffee Roasters value supporting local suppliers. Our policy will be rigidly adhered to. Supporting local suppliers provides benefit to both the supplier and the wider local community. When approached we will assess a local supplier under the following criteria

  • • Product Quality
  • • Community Ties
  • • Suppliers approach to supporting local initiatives and local communities
  • • Product Price
  • • Sustainability
  • • Supplier Support Required.

Overarching commitment: Any local supplier that makes contact with Wimborne Coffee Roasters, will be afforded direct access to the key decision maker. Dignity will be afforded to the supplier and the supplier will be treated with respect and understanding. The discussion with the supplier will fall within the criteria above.

  • Product Quality:
    It is imperative that the product has exceptional quality, is fit for purpose and produced/sourced locally. Ideally the product should be fresh to the market and produced within the Wimborne area
  • Community Ties
    The supplier will be required to demonstrate that they are fundamentally from the local community and have ties to the area.
  • Suppliers supporting local Initiatives:
    The supplier does not need to demonstrate a saintly commitment, however a passion for a sense of community will be an essential element.
  • Product Price:
    Supporting local suppliers does not negate being commercially competitive, however our supplier support does not focus on price. Quality is key.
  • Sustainability:
    Our suppliers need to be sustainable, we rely on long term relationships, however part of our local supplier policy is to nurture and encourage suppliers. Development will be part of our program and where we can support through networking and or mentoring, we will do so.
  • Supplier Environmental and Ethical policy:
    It is essential that our suppliers demonstrate management practices that ensure that they have an effective environmental policy, adhere to a cyber accreditation program to protect themselves and their supply chain, and an ethical approach to diversity

Supplier Support:
Wimborne Coffee Roasters will work with the supplier potential supplier to ensure that they are supported in their own development. By working with suppliers in this manner our objective is to enable suppliers to feel that they have a relationship with us that reflects that of a supportive friend. Business approach should not differentiate between suppliers and customers. Wimborne Coffee Roasters will place their suppliers and our policy on the Wimborne Coffee Roasters web site and promote through local business organisations such as the Federation of Small Business, Business Improvement District, British Chambers of Commerce.
Cheyne Marley 2020