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About Wimborne Coffee Roasters


Wimborne Coffee Roasters is made up of great people and fond memories. People make our business. Cheyne can trace his roasting history back to 1972, when his Dad, Derek, started roasting in his delicatessen and Cheyne would give a helping hand (Dorset Gourmet). Derek had a passion for all good things in food, and roasted coffee in the deli. However, the 70’s if any of you can remember, was the downturn in British produce; the word Artisan simply didn’t exist and so the business was not right for the time.

Fast forward 40 odd years and the world is in a totally different place. Businesses can have values and be proud of them, trade ethically, and provide top quality produce. Cheyne realised his dream, and in March 2020, Wimborne Coffee Roasters was born (a difficult birth!). The Roastery at Hayter’s Farm, Rowe Hill, Wimborne is charming and ‘rustic’, providing speciality roasts that support our partner growers in Peru, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Brazil. Our mission is simple – ‘Bring great coffee to as many people as we can with honesty and traceability’. At its heart are people who share this vision.

Lucy, Jack, Ellie, Lydia and Maria M. have all been involved in developing the business. Even the Landlords Ken, Neil and Phil Hayter, have been brilliant in supporting us. When you buy or drink our coffee in our café, you are buying into our vision. We would love to see you at our Roastery and share with you our passion over a great cup of coffee. Bring your dog, bike, family, or even your work colleagues and join in with our vision and ethos of 'simply great coffee'.
Cheyne (Padre) & Lydia Marley

INTO 2021

Despite the pandemic Wimborne Coffee Roasters has built a solid reputation for providing great service, customer appreciation, community focus, and simply great coffee.
Plans are now in place for the introduction of the Wimborne Coffee Roasters Coffee Club that will provide coffee enthusiasts in the local area with a great value package together with a desire to build our own coffee buying community. Bringing great coffee to the people of Wimborne and the Hospitality Trade are now in place. We want our customers to know that they aren’t simply buying coffee, but they are buying into 'Wimborne Coffee Roasters' and all its values. Supporting local community organisations such as Wimborne BID (Cheyne is a director) Holtwood Community Farm, local scouting groups, young cyclists and the development of the Cycling Proficiency Scheme are key to our community approach. After all we are asking for the community’s support, then we should give back in any form possible.
Other developments for 2021 include Lydia travelling to Nepal in the year to volunteer to help the communities there. We hope to have a huge announcement in May of this year, so keep up with our Facebook site.



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