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Our Team

Cheyne Marley

Padre of Wimborne Coffee Roasters

Cheyne (Padre) is Dorset 'born and bred', strong commitment to Wimborne now able to do what he chooses to do, rather than have to do. Having had successful careers in Public service and business, Cheyne now lives for his passion of Coffee, People and cycling. Not a natural athlete but a people lover Cheyne wants to bring his three loves into one area.

Lydia Marley

Business and Partner Development

Lydia has joined the business and excels in being creative with various aspects of the business. Lydia is developing the Roastery Café to become the focal point for the Roastery and events that will be developed to support local communities. Lydia shares her Dads passion for Coffee food and people. Lydia is the focal point for the Business.

Our Story

Wimborne Coffee Roasters is made up of great people and fond memories. People make the business. Cheyne can trace his roasting history back to 1972, when his Dad - Derek, started roasting in his delicatessen (Dorset Gourmet) . Derek had a passion for all good things in food, and roasted coffee in the Deli. Cheyne used to help his Dad. However, the 70’s if any of you can remember was the downturn in British produce, the word Artisan, simply didn’t exist and so the business was not in the right time. Fast forward 40 odd years and the worlds in a totally different place, Businesses can have values and be proud of them, trade ethically, and provide top quality produce. Cheyne realised his dream, and in March 2020, Wimborne Coffee Roasters was born (A difficult birth!). The Roastery at Hayter’s Farm, Rowe Hill Wimborne is charming and ‘rustic’, providing Speciality roasts that support our partner growers in Peru, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil, …… Our mission is simple – ‘Bring great coffee to as many people as we can with honesty and traceability’. Wimborne Coffee Roasters has at its heart great people who share the vision. Daughter Lucy, Son Jack, Ellie who initiated the marketing, Elisa, and Maria M. Cheyne’s daughter Lydia has a key role in developing the business. Even the Landlords Ken, Neil and Phil Hayter have been brilliant in supporting us. When you buy or drink our coffee in our café, you are buying into our vision. We would love to see you at our Roastery and share with you our passion over a great cup of coffee. Bring your Dog, Bike, Partner, Business Group in fact anyone that appreciates our ethos.
Cheyne (Padre) & Lydia Marley