Coffee Club


Wimborne coffee roasters takes its responsibilities seriously, we will always strive for the perfect way to conduct business with the minimal impact on our environment. However sometimes we have to keep working in areas that need to be developed. Packaging is an example (see below) we have identified key areas and what we can do to promote a responsible attitude. We will always strive to improve and constantly review in our monthly team meetings.

Coffee bags

Coffee bags, all of the elements, zipper, the plastic inside, the valve etc are 'oxi-biodegradable'. Oxo-biodegradable polymers tend to break down in small fragments in 18-24 months after entering a landfill, the zipper and the valve will take longer with no precise estimate given from the manufacturer given the variation in landfill environments. We use bags that are oxi-biodegradable, this is a step in the right direction. However the zipper and valve, will eventually breakdown but not at a rate that we see as ideal. Bring your own container to the roastery and we will give you a free cup of coffee for your troubles!

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are acidic and can in a selective way be used in a garden. Please view/download our information sheet, they can create a great fertilizer. Providing a great way to add nitrogen to the soil that allows a natural process of soil prep for vegetables. We are undertaking to provide our wholesale customers with the means for a collection service, we will then provide local allotments and our own farm location with rich nitrogen encouraging grouts. Really giving back to the earth.

Coffee chaff

Coffee chaff are a by-product of the roasting process, it is the roasted outer husk. Inflammable in its nature it can be compressed into fuel pellets for home and commercial use. We are signed up to ‘bio-bean’, who can compress the husk.

Delivery transport

We are committed to having as an objective for all our transport methods to be electric based. Our local deliveries in wimborne will be on foot and bike. We are working to form a co-operative delivery service with other local producers. Ideally three partners will reduce carbon usage by two thirds for each business. We are actively discussing a symbiotic relationship where we can share electric vehicles, not only impacting on our business but that of our partners. You can help by simply openly discussing this approach. We are keen as always to support local producers.

Supplier efficacy

We will endeavour to ensure that our suppliers have a strong ethical policy that promotes the quality of life of individuals, supports anti-slavery initiatives, and provides support to our partner growers that raises standards of living and supports an honest approach to business, reflecting the core values of integrity, honesty and fairness.