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Here at Wimborne Coffee Roasters, we have created three stand-alone roasts which have subtle differences in taste and 'strength' We always get asked what is your 'strongest' roast. The truth is that strength is a subjective taste preference, the degree of Roast depends on the development stage past 'First Crack' where with the same skills as a chef, taste and aromatic nuances are re-introduced judged by the roaster through sensory awareness. Managing heat and air to provide you the customer with that distinctive taste that our customers so clearly appreciate.

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There is such a strong coffee growing community in South and Central America. From the Brazilian superb roasts, which have dominated the market for years, to the equally long established but smaller growing countries such as Guatemala and Peru. Here at Wimborne Coffee Roasters, we do find that the Peruvian and Guatemalan bean is simply superb. Have a look and ideally taste one of our roasts and see for yourself. Why not try our 6 x 30gm pack, allowing you t have your own fresh brew in the morning over one week which will allow you to sample and not forget. Almost your own ‘cupping’ session.

Finca La Bolsa