Our Coffee Family Around the World


Fazenda Zaraco, Brazil

The Fazenda Zaroca farm in Brazil has been in Gilberto’s family for over 100 years. The family have worked hard to bring the farm back from decline, and now have 16 varietals. The farm harvests 60% by hand and produce around 6000 x 60 kgs every year.

Gilberto is developing the Speciality crop, and has introduced static drying boxes. His beans are clearly crafted beans, and the degree of attention and skill reflects well on the delightful bean he produces. Its flavour is of cherry and vanilla, with a sweet toffee and milk chocolate body.

We are privileged to have such a fine product and hope that you find your cup of this grand brew a delight. Take time to savour this excellent roast while picturing Gilberto and his family working in Brazil.

San Franciso, Peru

San Francisco is a village in the district of Huabal in Peru. A tropical region, there are 50 families in this small area that work hard to cultivate their crops. The soil profiles all contribute to the most delightful diverse and delicious coffee profiles. Through marketing the cherry through specialty markets, the families have received premium rates which allow for re-investment into the farms.

San Franciso is a staple roast here at the Coffee House, with our customers becoming equally appreciative of this delightful brew. Enjoy this and celebrate the growers and their families in this wonderful region of Peru. 

This coffee is available to buy online here

  Western Ethiopia 

Mustefa Abakenois is the owner of a wonderful Ethiopian farm, comprising 18 Ha. A shortage of water and a fermentation and drying process leads to a light honey process. Mustefa has worked hard to obtain an export licence, and now exports his delightful crops to us here at Wimborne Coffee Roasters.

It’s one of our favourite beans so we ensure great care is taken during the roasting process as a credit to the growing and harvesting skills of Mustefa. A wonderful coffee, take time to enjoy and be proud to know you are supporting Mustefa and his family.  

This coffee is available to buy online here


 Presente Do Sol, Brazil

 Antoni Fortes is our 81 year old grower who produces the wonder cherry that results in this great green bean, which is an absolute pleasure to roast.  Antoni is still running his small farm, which in the first couple of years, endured a severe frost that decimated the crop.  Antoni fought back and has the admiration of us all here at Wimborne Coffee Roasters.  

As a community, Antoni has several neighbour farms that all pull together.  He found that his beans grew even better when amongst banana trees. This family love their craft, and enter competitions while maintaining a very artisan approach. 

We are proud to be associated with Antoni, and when we roast his beans we are endeavoring to add our own craft to his. Celebrate 81 year old Antoni while drinking his coffee here at the Coffee House!